Plastic surgery derives its origin from the Greek word plastike (teckhne) or plastikos, meaning “to mold” or “to form.” Plastic surgery is the art of modelling or sculpting and addresses complex birth defects as well as wounds and defects of the body requiring reconstruction. Plastic surgery restores and enhances form, function, and appearance with an emphasis on restoration. Plastic surgery involves surgery on any part of the body except the central nervous system. This includes head and neck cancer surgery, breast cancer reconstruction as well as other cancers requiring reconstruction following cancer removal. We also correct post-traumatic defects of the body, as well as burn injuries.

Our team of plastic surgeons are Board Certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Board certification in plastic surgery includes at least 3 years of general surgery training after completion of a basic medical degree. This then followed by 3–4 years of exclusive plastic surgery training followed by an additional 5 years of experience to a consultant grade in plastic surgery. Our plastic surgeons are also trained in aesthetic or cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck/Abdominoplasty, breast reshaping, body contouring and facial rejuvenation. All queries regarding aesthetic, cosmetic and reconstructive procedures are discussed and planned during a personal/confidential consultation in a serene environment. We pride ourselves in our patient-centric approach to solving all queries. We endeavour to achieve the best functional and aesthetic outcomes for all our patients.

The surgical field of plastic surgery is quite extensive and covers entire body from head to foot to include craniofacial, head and neck oncoplastic surgery, burn reconstructive surgery, breast surgeries, body contouring surgeries, aesthetic/cosmetic surgeries, hand surgery, lower limb reconstructive, microsurgery, pediatric and oculoplastic surgery.
All plastic surgical procedures are graded on a ladder system ranging from the simple closure of wounds to complex reconstruction according to the severity of the clinical presentation. Complex reconstruction entails the use of microsurgery to transplant tissues from one part of the body to another part of the same body (sometimes even to another person – Face/hand transplantation) to restore the deficient area to normalcy.
The Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery at Burjeel Medical City provides an exhaustive list of services, some of which are listed here,

Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery

Tendon repairs, Nerve repairs, Flap cover, Skin grafting, Chronic ulcer management, Diabetic foot reconstruction, Pressure sore cover 

Lower Limb Reconstructive Surgery

Flap cover, Skin grafting, Revascularization, Replantation of toes, Tendon repair, Tendon transfers, Nerve transfers, and Nerve grafting

Hand Surgery

Carpal tunnel decompression surgery (ENDOSCOPIC CARPAL TUNNEL RELEASE), Recurrent carpal tunnel decompression, Ulnar nerve decompression (Guyon’s canal and cubital tunnel release), Nerve repairs, Nerve graft, Nerve transfers,  
Hand fracture fixation – K wires, Mini plates, Screw fixation, Mini external fixator (static & dynamic), Finger, Hand, and Arm replantation, Revascularization, and Toe transfer
Tendon repairs, Tendon transfers 
Contracture release, Flap cover, Skin grafting, Congenital hand surgery (syndactyly release, trigger finger release, constriction band release, polydactyly correction, macrodactyly correction), Brachial plexus surgery


Free Tissue transplantation (free flaps, Toe transfers), Revascularization, Replantation (Re-attachment of severed/amputated fingers/digits), AV fistula creation

Burns Reconstructive Surgery

Burn Debridement, Skin Grafting, Escharotomy, Fasciotomy, Contracture Release, Z Plasty, Flap Cover

Facial Plastic Surgery

Scar revisions, Blepharoplasty, fat grafting, cleft lip and plate repair, skin cancer excision and reconstruction (skin grafting, flap cover), facial traumatic wound closure
Oral cancer reconstruction (flap cover – pedicled flaps or free flaps, including free vascularized bone grafting for mandibular reconstruction – free fibula flap)

Breast Cancer Reconstruction Surgery

Autologous Reconstruction- DIEP flap, Latissimus dorsi flap, TDAP flap, TRAM flap, SGAP flap, ICAP flap, TUG flap, Stacked DIEP flaps
Implant-based breast reconstruction- Immediate (DTI – Direct to Implant) breast reconstruction, Expander-Implant Breast reconstruction 
Nipple areolar reconstruction, Fat grafting

Cosmetic Surgery

Liposuction, Abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”), Circumferential (360/ Belt), Lipectomy, Thigh lift, Brachioplasty, Fat grafting
Mammoplasty (breast reduction, augmentation, breast lift – Mastopexy), Gynecomastia correction