Burjeel Medical City is home to the Central Laboratory for entire Burjeel Holdings across UAE with expert medical faculty. The purpose-built lab has a comprehensive test menu of over 1000 investigations. The laboratory utilizes total lab automation and integrated solutions across all lab subspecialties. The central laboratory is divided into the core lab, unified anatomic pathology lab, clinical microbiology lab, and molecular lab connected with smart middleware solutions. The advanced equipment in all sections communicates with the hospital information system to transfer the results on a real-time basis to referring physicians, assisting them in better patient management. This helps the medical experts across all lab departments to focus on what matters the most accurate patient results.

Histopathology Read

Intra Operative

Frozen Section Service

Second Opinion

Special Stains

Immunohistochemistry Markers

Gynecology and Non -Gynecological Cytology


Specialized Coagulation

Transfusion Services


Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Serology Immunofluorescence Allergy

Covid-19 RT PCR

Molecular Testing for Cervical Cancer

Microarray -Infectious Disease Testing


Anti-Microbial Susceptibility


Anti-Fungal Susceptibility 

Anti-Microbial Stewardship