Our International Patients team provides a comprehensive range of services, focusing exclusively on patients traveling to UAE for healthcare needs, from providing a medical second opinion to coordinating visa and logistical support and providing personal care services to patients during their hospital stay.

Our state-of-the-art facilities throughout the UAE are home to a highly experienced and compassionate team of medical professionals equipped with the latest medical technology to treat a wide variety of medical conditions spanning a broad spectrum of specialties. We are committed to providing you with the proper medical treatment at the right time. The doctors are supported by a well-trained medical staff committed to making your experience comfortable.


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We provide compassionate, personalized care to each patient and their family because we recognize their diversity in medical needs and cultural demands.

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    There are live interpretation services available 24 hours per day for almost every language. Even if you speak Arabic, please tell a member of your healthcare team if you feel more comfortable communicating in your native language and we will be happy to arrange for interpreter services.

    Yes, we do provide translator/interpreter services.

    Yes, visitors are allowed at the discretion of the clinicians.

    In an emergency, call 800 75 in Burjeel Najda and 999 in all other facilities. To make any non-emergency transfer, please call 800 75.

    The emergency department will refer you to your primary care physician or to a specialist based on an assessment of your problem.

    The emergency department does not accept appointments.

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