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Leading Orthopedic Hospital in Dubai

Getting You Back to Life Faster and Better

Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery is a leading orthopedic hospital offering a variety of surgical procedures. It is the sole advanced microsurgery and orthopedic center providing access to the best healthcare in UAE. Since its inception, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery has been at the forefront of technological advancement in orthopedic surgery and has been a pioneer in numerous areas.  From being one of the earliest adopters of robotic technology to perform advanced surgical procedures to treat various diseases, the world-class JCI Accredited hospital has improved the lives of countless people. Practicing international standards of care, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery treats a diverse range of diseases and surgeries. The hospital has dedicated departments for each study area, from sports injuries to orthopedic procedures.  Designed with the latest medical technology, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery is one of today’s most advanced orthopedic hospitals delivering the highest quality orthopedic surgery in Dubai, UAE, and beyond. Our state-of-the-art hospital combines the latest technology with a team of highly skilled surgeons, doctors, and nurses to deliver one of the best reconstructive surgery results in the region, assuring better overall outcomes and faster recovery.