Emergency Department

There are live interpretation services available 24 hours per day for almost every language. Even if you speak Arabic, please tell a member of your healthcare team if you feel more comfortable communicating in your native language and we will be happy to arrange for interpreter services.

Yes, visitors are allowed at the discretion of the clinicians.

The emergency department will refer you to your primary care physician or to a specialist based on an assessment of your problem.

The emergency department does not accept appointments.

Emergency department patients are seen by physicians with training or experience in the specialty of emergency medicine. We obtain consultations as needed, based on our assessment of your problems.

The emergency department is always available to patients who feel that they have a problem that cannot wait for an appointment with their primary care physician.

After you are discharged, you can either visit Outpatient Registration and Financial Services, or can call +97180055

Emergency Department wait times depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of the medical condition, and a number of patients currently in the Emergency Department.  In order to provide appropriate prompt care, patients are seen by order of severity of their condition.

We are always trying to improve our care, and we welcome your feedback! Please let a member of your healthcare team know if you have comments or questions about your Emergency Department visit.

Emergency department patients are seen by physicians with training or experience in the specialty of emergency medicine. We obtain consultations as needed, based on our assessment of your problems.

Our Emergency Department aims to provide the best and fastest care to every patient who comes through the door. Some patients may have abnormal vital signs or medical conditions that put them at higher risk than others, so sometimes patients will be evaluated “out of order” in order to maximize safety for every patient. This is the triage process, and we continually re-evaluate our patients to make sure that the sickest people receive prompt care. Please be sure to tell a member of your team if you are feeling worse at any time.

Please contact your insurance company to inquire about coverage for follow up care.

Emergency Department are the best place for treating life-threatening conditions. However, for non-life-threatening conditions, urgent care centers might fit your needs.

Acute and Urgent are areas of the Emergency Department where patients who require monitoring (of oxygen levels and heart activity) are typically cared for. In addition to the bays in these areas, there are several dedicated hallway stretcher areas which are used for suitable patients.

The emergency physicians are trained specialists. If you have a question about your care, you should discuss it with the nurse and physician caring for you.

ED wait times depend on a variety of factors, including severity of medical condition, and number of patients currently in the Emergency Department.  In order to provide appropriate prompt care, patients are seen by order of severity of their condition.

The Evaluation area of the Emergency Department is where many patients will see an Attending Physician (the doctor responsible for your care) and his/her team. When you are in the Evaluation area, your care has begun; your care will likely continue in another area of the ED as determined by your team.

Fast-Track is an area of the Emergency Department where you may be seen with medical concerns which usually can be diagnosed and treated so that you can go home. You may be brought into an exam room and then asked to return to the waiting area while tests or other parts of your workup are pending. This is to allow us to treat as many patients as quickly and safely as possible.

The Pediatrics area of the Emergency Department takes care of children and young adults with a variety of clinical concerns. Physicians and Nurses in Pediatrics have special training to work with children, and Child Life Specialists are available to help our youngest patients relax while visiting the Emergency Department. Pediatric patients may be cared for in other areas of the ED as determined by the care team.

During triage, a nurse will conduct a brief medical history and exam to determine the severity of your condition.

Call 9-9-9 immediately or go to the nearest Emergency Department. Chest pain can be a sign of a heart attack!

Call 9-9-9 immediately or go to the nearest Emergency Department!

Every patient’s workup is different based on why she or he is in the ED. You may require lab tests (blood draw or urine sample), x-rays or CT scans (pictures of the inside of your body), or other tests. Some patients may not require any tests during their Emergency Department visit. Your healthcare team will explain what tests you will need and can answer any questions you may have.

In order to ensure your safety, multiple members of the team may ask you to confirm your identity and why you are visiting the Emergency Department at various points during your stay. You may be evaluated by multiple clinicians including Nurses, Physician Assistants, Resident Physicians, Attending Physicians, and Consulting Specialist Physicians and each may ask you to repeat important information relevant to your condition in order to provide you the safest and best possible care.

The emergency department conducts research in a variety of areas. Patients are asked for their permission before we place them in a research protocol.

Sometimes your condition may require additional care in the hospital and you will be admitted or observed in the hospital. At that point your care may continue with a different healthcare team.

Once the decision has been made, your healthcare team will talk to you about where in the hospital you will go and what to expect. Sometimes there may be a very long wait for a bed to become available. In that case, your care will continue in the Emergency Department until your bed is ready. Depending on why you need to stay and which team will take care of you in the hospital, they may come to meet you while you are still in the Emergency Department and start taking care of you at that time.

Depending on your condition and care plan, your team may speak with you about alternative pathways that may be more convenient for you, including our Home Healthcare Program or transfer to an appropriate facility for further medical care.

Remember that there is always a health care team responsible for your care. If you are ever unsure who that is, just ask.

International Patients

Yes, we do provide translator/interpreter services.

Yes, we provide a complimentary pick and drop service from the airport across all emirates in the UAE.

We will assist in booking hotel accommodation depending upon patient choice.

One of our team members will personally meet and escort the patient to the hospital from the airport.

The main phone number for the hospital is +97180055. Your family members can ask to be transferred to the Emergency Department and be routed to the area in which you are a patient. If your family members come to the Emergency Department, they will be greeted at the main desk and staff will escort them to your location as appropriate.

Our International patient coordinator would be personally assisting them to the respective departments. Translation services are provided if required.

Depending on the patient's medical records and the intricacy of the issue, we will refer the patient to one of the best doctors at our hospitals.

Cash and Credit card are accepted at the hospital.

All our doctors are highly skilled and qualified. We select and shortlist the doctor's profile best matching the patient's preferred choice.

Patient name, phone number, email address, and condition or treatment-related information, if any.

The treating physician would see the patient daily following surgery. On the final day of discharge, the doctor and nurses will discuss everything from the medications to the post-discharge instructions. During the release from the hospital following treatment, the patient would receive a complete medical record history.

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We have standard, deluxe, and premium inpatient rooms available.

You can email us or provide you with the doctor's email address and clinic phone number.

Our doctors are US, UK, and European Board Certified.

At each hospital, we have a specialized staff of international patient coordinators that will assist the patient from their arrival until the conclusion of their treatment journey.

Yes, our International patient team will advise on the tentative cost of the treatment and the length of stay at the hospital.

We accept all major cards issued by international insurance companies.

General FAQs

In an emergency, call 800 75 in Burjeel Najda and 999 in all other facilities. To make any non-emergency transfer, please call 800 75.

The location link is included in the confirmation message sent upon booking the appointment.

You may reschedule your appointment at any of our facilities by calling 800 55.

To make an appointment, call 800-55 or fill out the online form.

For insurance-related information, please refer to the insurance section on the website.

Click on a doctor's profile in the 'Doctors' section to learn more about them.

Yes, you will receive an appointment confirmation message sent upon booking the appointment or upon request by calling 800 55


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