Kypros Nicolaides Fetal Medicine & Therapy Center, situated within Burjeel Medical City, stands as the first and only comprehensive fetal medicine center in the MENA region. Our partnership with Professor Kypros Nicolaides, known as the ‘Father of Fetal Medicine,’ ensures that we provide exceptional care to women with high-risk pregnancies.

Our mission is to enhance outcomes for both mothers and their babies throughout pregnancy and beyond. We offer comprehensive fetal care for high-risk pregnancies in the UAE, delivering the best results during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the postpartum period.

Our team of fetal medicine consultants and experts is extensively trained to address the unique needs of high-risk pregnancies. We leverage the latest diagnostic and interventional technologies, including state-of-the-art 3D and 4D ultrasound, MRI, and fetal echocardiography equipment, to accurately diagnose fetal defects and provide timely interventions.

Our services encompass various diagnostic procedures, such as dating scans, chromosomal disorder screening, anomaly scans, growth and doppler scans, cervical length scans, uterine artery doppler scans, and screenings for fetal malformation. By utilizing advanced diagnostic tools, we develop individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

Kypros Nicolaides Fetal Medicine & Therapy Center boasts a highly skilled team of Western Board-Certified maternal-fetal specialists, geneticists, sonographers, and nurses who collaborate across disciplines to provide the highest level of care in diagnosing and treating conditions before birth.

As pioneers in our field, we continuously push the boundaries of fetal medicine in the region. We are the first center in the MENA region to perform in-utero spina bifida repair surgery, leading to successful deliveries. Trust us for comprehensive fetal care and exceptional outcomes throughout your pregnancy journey.

Ultrasound Scans

  • Fetal Viability Scan
  • Nuchal Test
  • Fetal Anomaly Scan
  • Cervical Scan
  • Fetal Cardiac Scan
  • Fetal Wellbeing Scan

Invasive Diagnostic Tests

  • Chorionic Villous Sampling
  • Amniocentesis

Non-invasive Prenatal Testing

Fetal Medicine Procedures

  • Fetal Blood Transfusion
  • Laser Separation of Placenta for Twin-to-twin Transfusion Syndrome
  • Endotracheal Balloon Occlusion for Fetal Diaphragmatic Hernia
  • In-Utero Spina Bifida Repair
  • Fetoscopic Tracheal Occlusion (Feto)
  • Fetoscopic Spina Bifida Repair
  • Intrauterine Transfusion
  • Fetal Cardiac Intervention
  • Shunt Placements
  • Open Fetal Surgery
  • Bipolar Cord Coagulation for Trap Sequence
  • Congenital Heart Defect
  • Intrauterine Blood Transfusions
  • Open Fetal Surgery For SCT Resection
  • Open Fetal Surgery To Remove CCAM of The Lung
  • Fetoscopic Laser Ablation for TTTS and TAPS
  • Bipolar Cord Coagulation for Trap Sequence
  • Radiofrequency Ablation for Fetal Tumors
  • Ex-Utero Intrapartum Treatment (EXIT)
  • Fetal Vesicoamniotic Shunt (VAS) and Fetal Cystoscopy for Bladder Obstruction
  • Serial Amnioinfusions for Bilateral Renal Agenesis and Complex Renal Diseases
  • Fetoscopic Endoluminal Tracheal Occlusion (FETO) For Severe CDH
  • In-Utero Open or Fetoscopic Repair of Myelomeningocele, the Most Severe Form of Spina Bifida

Fetal Conditions and Interventions

  • Congenital High Airway Obstruction Syndrome (CHAOS)
  • Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation (CCAM)
  • Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)
  • Amniotic Band Syndrome
  • Bronchopulmonary Sequestration
  • Fetal Anemia
  • Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction (LUTO)
  • Mediastinal Teratoma
  • Sacrococcygeal Teratoma (SCT)
  • Spina Bifida (Myelomeningocele)
  • Twin Anemia-polycythemia Sequence (TAPS)
  • Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion (TRAP) Sequence
  • Twin-twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)

Maternal Medicine

  • Pregnancy with Complex Medical Disorders
  • Management of Multiple Pregnancies
  • Preterm Delivery


  • Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and interventional technologies, including 3D and 4D GE Voluson E10 ultrasound, MRI, and fetal echocardiography equipment.

Key Achievements & Milestones

  • The pioneering surgery to address open Spina Bifida repair in utero, which was carried out by a team of skilled surgeons at Burjeel Medical City, marked an important milestone in the field of fetal medicine in the UAE.