Pediatric Cardiology is a subspeciality branch of pediatrics and is responsible for the assessment and care of heart problems and conditions that could affect the cardiovascular system in children. This includes conditions where children are born with a heart abnormality (congenital heart disease), conditions that develop later in childhood (acquired heart disease), rhythm disorders, heart muscle disorders, genetic disorders affecting the cardiovascular system and childhood diseases that may have an impact on the heart. Our pediatric cardiology experts evaluate and care for all children with heart problems, from newborn to adolescent. We are also involved in the multidisciplinary care of pediatric patients who are cared for here at Burjeel Medical City. We provide electrocardiography (ECG), echocardiography (ECHO), Holter monitoring, exercise testing, cardiac MRI and cardiac CT. We are the home for the UAE paediatric arrhythmia service, offering comprehensive heart rhythm assessment and pacemaker care.

Congenital Heart Disease 

Children Pre- And Post-cardiac Surgery 

Acquired Heart Disease, Including Rheumatic Heart Disease and Kawasaki Disease 

Evaluation of Heart Murmurs

Children with Fainting, Dizziness, Loss of Consciousness or Palpitations 

Children with a Family History of Sudden Death

Genetic Heart Disease including Cardiomyopathy and Long QT Syndrome

Pediatric Electrophysiology

Pediatric Pacemaker and ICD Implantation and Programming

General Pediatric Referral for Cardiac Evaluation in Patients with Trisomy 21, Other Genetic Conditions, Chronic Lung Disease, Oncological Problems and Hypertension

Long Term Care and Palliative Care for Children with Cardiomyopathy