Orthodontics: Embracing Your Journey with Braces

Are you considering braces, or perhaps already on your braces journey? It’s normal to have questions or concerns, but rest assured, we’re here to guide you with simple, effective tips and a series of weekly blogs designed to navigate every aspect of your orthodontic journey.

Caring for Braces

While brushing your teeth twice daily for two to three minutes is a common practice, braces require more attention. This regimen isn’t sufficient with braces as they demand more frequent and meticulous cleaning to prevent caries and cavities.

The Reward of Diligence

The effort you put into maintaining clean teeth during your braces journey pays off significantly. Not only will you achieve straight, aligned teeth, but you’ll also be rewarded with a stunning smile on the day your braces come off!

Braces Tips

Braces are transformative, correcting crowded and crooked teeth, which is crucial because an abnormal bite can lead to serious dental issues. For example, plaque and tartar buildup around crowded teeth can cause gum inflammation and decay, potentially leading to bad breath—a condition known as Halitosis, which we’ll discuss in upcoming blogs.

Ensuring proper oral hygiene is vital throughout life but becomes even more critical with braces. It prevents staining, maintains gum health, and avoids bad breath.

How To Care For Your Braces

  1. Brush Regularly: Brush at least three times a day for two minutes each. Use fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush. Angle the brush to clean around wires and brackets effectively.
  2. Floss Daily: Since a toothbrush can’t reach all the gaps, flossing twice a day is essential. Use waxed floss with a threader to navigate around braces and clean thoroughly.
  3. Avoid Sticky and Hard Foods: These can damage braces and prolong treatment. Opt for softer, healthier options like yogurt and vegetables. Cut hard fruits into small pieces.
  4. Break Bad Habits: Biting nails or chewing on hard objects can damage braces and affect your bite. Avoid these to ensure smooth treatment progress.
  5. Sports Protection: Use a mouthguard during contact sports to protect your braces and teeth from impact.
  6. Immediate Attention to Issues: Report any discomfort or loose brackets to your orthodontist immediately. Don’t attempt DIY fixes as they can lead to further damage.