Khadiga Elmagboul

Dr. Khadiga Elmagboul Consultant Pediatric Dentist

Years of Experience : 34

Nationality : United Arab Emirates

Languages Known : Arabic, English



Dr. Khadiga is Canadian board-certified pediatric dentist. Dr. Khadiga is an expert pediatric dentistry for preschoolers and children with special needs. Dr. Khadiga has more than 34 years of experience as a Pediatric Dentist. She completed her dental training at Cairo university, then obtained the master’s degree of dental sciences from Leeds dental institute in the field of Pediatric dentistry followed by board certification form the Royal college of dentists of Canada. Since 2002, Dr. Khadiga appointed as senior consultant Pediatric dentist providing all aspects of Paediatric Dentistry. Provision of comprehensive preventive and oral health care for children under the age of 12 years; both normal and children with behavioral problems, handicapped (physically or mentally) as well as medically compromised. Scheduling, clerking, and treatment of patients under general anaesthesia.

Awards & Achievements

  • Sheikh Rashed Award for High Academic Achievement FRCD(C)
  • Sheikh Rashed Award for High Academic Achievement Master Degree
  • British Council Scholarship for Overseas Students
  • Scholarship from Ministry of Health (UAE)
  • Scholarship Ministry of Education (UAE)

Research & Publications

  • Para-dental cyst or mandibular infected buccal? A report of a case. Elmagboul, K.M., Duggal, M.S., and Pedlar, J. (1993). British Dental Journal 175:330-332.
  • A clinical trial comparing two dosed of oral Temazepam for sedation of paediatric dental patients. El Magboul, K.M., O’Sullivan E.A., and Curzon, M.E.J. (1995). International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry 5:97-102.


  • Children with complex medical problems that may affect dental care provision.
  • Children with developmental issues, special needs, learning difficulties, autism, and behavioral problems who are unable to cooperate for routine dentistry.
  • Children with cleft lip and palate and other craniofacial anomalies.
  • Children with dental issues such as supernumeraries, odontomes, impacted teeth, submerging teeth, abnormal frenum attachments, and tongue-ties requiring surgical management.
  • Children with congenital or acquired dental anomalies, including Hypodontia, Amelogenesis Imperfecta, Dentinogenesis Imperfecta, Molar Incisor Hypomineralization, Micro/macrodonita, supernumerary teeth, infra-occluded teeth, and delayed eruption.
  • Children with soft or hard tissue pathology, such as oral ulceration, swellings, and cysts.
  • Children with extreme dental anxiety who are unable to cooperate with routine dental treatment and may require sedation or treatment under General Anaesthesia.


  • Fellow of Royal college of Dentist of Canada Member of IAPD
  • International Association of Pediatric Dentistry.