Our Pediatric Intensive Care Specialists provide comprehensive care for children with complex health needs, physical disabilities, genetic disorders, and organ transplants. Our dedicated team develops a specialized care plan tailored to your child's unique background and challenges. Our services include :

  • specialized care of newborns with medical issues;
  • immediate, more stable care of highly ill newborns; and
  • the longer-term management of more stable conditions.

Our Pediatric Specialists specialize in providing care for children with complex conditions who need 24/7 monitoring and close attention, including cardiac cases, complex neurosurgical cases, and a broad range of other disorders.

Critical Illnesses Like Sepsis and Septic Shock

Hemodynamic Instability

Heart Conditions

Critical Neurological Conditions

Respiratory Emergencies

Patients Requiring Mechanical Ventilation

Acute Kidney Failure

Diabetes-Related Complications and Other Endocrine Diseases

Urgent Care Related to Cancer Treatment And Blood Disorders

Seriously Ill And Injured Patients

Post Surgical Care