Rajesh Phatak

Dr. Rajesh Phatak Consultant PICU

Years of Experience : 18

Nationality : India

Languages Known : English, Hindi



Dr. Rajesh Phatak finished his MBBS and MD in Pediatrics. He also took DCH at CPS, Mumbai University, India. In the year 2004, he completed his MRCPCH at RCPCH, London. He earned his MedSci at Leeds University and his CCT at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in the United Kingdom. In 1998, he began his clinical training at LTMGH Tertiary Teaching Hospital in Mumbai, India, and several hospitals in the United Kingdom. Before joining Burjeel, he gained hands-on experience as a PICU Consultant for six years at Central Manchester Foundation Trust, the single largest non-cardiac PICU in the UK. At the same time, he also worked as a volunteer coordinator and clinical expert for Children’s Cardiac Surgical Charity at Healing Little Hearts, a Co-Lead in NWTS at the Regional PICU transport team, and a Clinical Lead in NHS England. Dr. Rajesh has attended and completed local and international courses relating to his field of specialization. He has also been teaching at a local DGH and organizing and delivering teaching on retrieval study days for nursing and medical staff. He also specializes in respiratory illness (including bronchiolitis and ARDS), infection (septic shock and multi-organ failure), children with cancer and immune suppression, trauma (requiring neurosurgical intervention), neonatal surgery, ENT and maxillofacial surgery, including children with airway abnormalities, long-term ventilator support and combinations of these, resuscitation retrieval, stabilization, ongoing care, and palliative care.