Burjeel Darak is a one of its kind facilities with the latest generation equipment and methodologies deployed into a 24/7 service backup system. The facility is the largest and most comprehensive department in its class and offers global standard hospitality, a seven-star rated luxurious environment and a professionally trained and experienced team supporting every stage of the recovery process of the patient with care. Our experts empower every resident to reach their maximum functional capabilities through individualized programs designed in a warm and comfortable ambience to achieve a speedy recovery.

52 ICU and Critical Care Beds 

Advanced Laboratory and Radiological Investigations 

24/7 In-House Dialysis Service 

Acute / Chronic Respiratory Failure 

Palliative and Geriatrics Care 

Ventilator Weaning Programs 

Nutritional Care 

Post-Acute Rehabilitation 

Cardiac Rehabilitation 

Neuromuscular Disorders 

Kidney Replacement Programs 

Congenital Illness 

Infusion Therapy and Use of IV Antibiotics 

Complex Wound Care 

Pain Management 

Pediatric Rehabilitation 


Occupational Therapy 

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation 

Neuro Rehabilitation 

Respiratory Therapy 

Cardiac Rehabilitation 

Pulmonary Management 

Speech and Language Therapy 

Hydrotherapy and Art Therapy Services 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 

Orthotic and prosthetic Rehabilitation 

Certified Nutrition Therapy 

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation