Leon Alexander

Dr. Leon Alexander Consultant Plastic and Hand Surgery

Years of Experience : 12

Nationality : India

Languages Known : English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Arabic



Dr. Leon Alexander is a well-qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. As a practicing Plastic Surgeon, he approaches each case with an eye for perfection and ensures that the patient will get the best outcome in form, function, and beauty. After spending the initial years in India and gaining an impressive track record, he relocated to the UAE in 2017. He joined a prominent private multi-specialty hospital in Abu Dhabi, where he single-handedly built the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and managed its operations to successful levels. After a three-year stint there, he moved to Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, a tertiary care hospital, where he handled a wide range of cases and proved his mettle. With this wide knowledge and experience base, he joins us at Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi. Some of the intricate works he has handled include hand surgery, microvascular surgery, burn reconstructive surgery, facial plastic surgery, lower limb reconstruction, body contouring and cosmetic surgery. In addition, he has authored around thirty journal publications, two book chapters, reviewed several manuscripts for many journals and serves on the editorial board of prominent scientific journals.

Awards & Achievements

  • Dr. T. Devarajan Gold Medal Examination, Pediatric Surgery, Post-Graduates – 2011
  • Best Essay on The Topic 'Facial Reanimation' - R.N. Sinha Memorial Essay Competition – 2012
  • Consultant Reviewer - Journal of Hand Surgery Global Online (Jha Go, Pubmed Indexed 2020-Present)
  • Peer Reviewer - Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery (PubMed Indexed, 2020 – Present)
  • Contributing Author for Stat pearls Online Publishing (Pubmed Indexed). (2020 – Present)
  • Article Peer Reviewer - Strategies in Trauma and Limb Reconstruction (Strategies Trauma Limb Reconstruction - Pubmed Indexed)
  • Article Peer Reviewer - Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research (2019 – Present)
  • Editorial Board Member - Open Scientific Journal of Surgery (2020 – Present)
  • Editorial Board Member of Clinical Images and Case Reports Journal (CICRJ)
  • Editorial Board Member of Journal of Case Reports and Images in Surgery
  • Editorial Board Member (Associate Editor) of the International Journal of Surgery Science
  • Editorial Board Member (International Editorial Board Member) Of The "Journal of Plastic Surgery and Transplantation (JPST)"
  • Article Peer Reviewer - Asian Journal of Case Reports in Surgery
  • Article Peer Reviewer - Sage Open Medicine
  • Article Peer Reviewer – Cancer Control (PubMed Central (PMC), Pubmed: Medline Indexed)
  • Article Peer Reviewer- Cureus Journal of Medical Sciences (Pubmed Indexed)

Research & Publications

  • Alexander L. Complex Irreducible Dorsal Dislocation of Thumb Interphalangeal Joint: Controversies and Consensus in Management. J Hand Surg Asian Pac Vol. 2020 Sep;25(3):378-383. Doi: 10.1142/S2424835520720133.PMID: 32723059.
  • Alexander L. Extravasation Injuries: A Trivial Injury Often Overlooked with Disastrous Consequences. World J Plast Surg. 2020 Sep;9(3):326-330. Doi: 10.29252/wjps.9.3.326. PMID: 33330011; PMCID: PMC7734938.
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  • Alexander L. Wide Awake Revision Cubital Tunnel Release: Is This the New Normal in Nerve Decompression Surgery? J Hand Microsurg. 2021; Feb. DOI: 10.1055/s-0041-1724222.
  • Alexander L. Corrosive Stricture esophagus stomach - Our experience. University Journal of Surgery and Surgical Specialties. 2017 Feb; 24:3(2). ISSN 2455-2860
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  • Alexander L. Intramuscular cavernous hemangiomas of the triceps brachii: a rare tumor with good prognosis. International Surgery Journal. 2019 Sep 26;6(10):3817-21. (Alexander L. Int Surg J. 2019 Oct;6(10):3817-3821). Available at:
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  • Alexander L, Ravindran HK, George J. Rhabdomyosarcoma of lip - issues of subtyping, morphology, and immunohistochemistry versus molecular studies: a case report with review of literature. Int Surg J 2020; 7:2389-92. (International Surgery Journal
  • July 2020
  • Vol 7
  • Issue 7).
  • Alexander L. Cleft Palatal Fistula: Perspectives on Management with Review of Literature. New Emirates Medical Journal. 2021;2(1):76-81. DOI: 10.2174/0250688203666210111153808.
  • Alexander L. Epithelioid Sarcoma of Upper Extremity: Diagnostic Dilemma with Therapeutic Challenges. Cureus. 2021 Mar 28;13(3): e14156. Doi: 10.7759/cureus.14156. PMID: 33936870; PMCID: PMC8078144.
  • Alexander L. Case of bizarre painless finger swelling. J Musculoskeletal Surg Res 2021; 5:136-7. DOI: 10.4103/jmsr.jmsr_twenty-four twenty-one.
  • Alexander L. Microsurgical Neurolysis, Dorsal Transposition and Nerve Wrap of Morton's Interdigital Neuroma: A Novel Technique. Research & Reviews: Journal of Surgery. 2021; 10(1): 24–31p.
  • Alexander L. RE: Giant cell tumor in the proximal phalanges of the hand: A report of two cases treated with a nonbiological construct. J Musculoskeletal Surg Res 2021;5(3): 216-8.doi: 10.25259/JMSR_forty-one_2021
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  • Alexander L. Practical applications of tenodesis in hand surgery. J Musculoskeletal Surg Res. Doi: 10.25259/JMSR_sixty-seven_2021
  • Article titled "Re: DELAYED GRAFT REPOSITION ON FLAP IN 6-WEEK-OLD ALLEN TYPE 4 AMPUTATION: CASE REPORT" accepted for publication in the Journal of Hand Surgery Asian-Pacific Volume (Manuscript ID: 210143).
  • Manuscript titled "COMPREHENSIVE CLINICAL EXAMINATION OF HAND AND A PROPOSED FORMAT FOR DOCUMENTATION" (no: JHAM-D-19-00051) awaiting approval for publication in the Journal of Hand and Microsurgery (JHAM).
  • Manuscript titled "Spare Parts Surgery" – GRF Technique for Fingertip Amputations: A Novel Technique to Preserve Form and Function" Submitted for publication in Journal of Orthopedics, Trauma and Rehabilitation, manuscript id OTR-21-0050.
  • Manuscript entitled "Dripping candle wax lesion of the hand" submitted for publication in the Journal of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Rehabilitation (manuscript id: "jotr_thirty_21")
  • Article titled "A Simple Mini-Fixator for Complex Thumb Fractures" Submitted for publication in the Archives of Trauma Research (manuscript ID: atr_thirty-three_21).
  • Alexander L. An Unusual Case of Finger Fracture. Cureus. 2021 Nov 14;13(11): e19577. Doi: 10.7759/cureus.19577.PMID: 34926049; PMCID: PMC8671062.
  • "Incidence of hypocalcemia following near-total & total thyroidectomy".
  • Article titled "Versatility of negative pressure dressings in Plastic Surgery" submitted for publication in the Journal of Plastic Surgery and Transplantation.

Education & Training

  • MBBS
  • MS
  • M.Ch.
  • DNB
  • MRCS


  • Hand surgery
  • Microsurgery
  • Burn reconstructive surgery
  • Lower limb reconstructive surgery
  • Peripheral nerve surgery
  • Cosmetic surgery: Body contouring – liposuction, abdominoplasty, male breast (Gynecomastia) correction, Botox injections
  • Head and Neck Oncoplastic reconstructive surgery
  • General plastic and reconstructive surgery


  • Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK (MRCS - Edinburgh, UK)
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
  • American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH)
  • Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI)
  • Indian Society for Surgery of Hand (ISSH)
  • Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (IAAPS)
  • National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS-India)
  • Kairali Plastic Surgeons Association (Kerala, India-KPSA)
  • Emirates Plastic Surgery Society (UAE)
  • Emirates Hand Surgery Society

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