Hanshini Boolaky

Ms. Hanshini Boolaky Occupational Therapist

Years of Experience : 9

Nationality : Mauritius

Languages Known : English, French, Creole



Hanshini Boolaky is a HAAD/DOH-licensed Occupational Therapist and an SI Practitioner. She graduated from the University of Mauritius with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Occupational Therapy, in 2013. Hanshini has also completed her Post-Graduation in Sensory Integration from the Ulster University, UK, in 2020. Over the past 9 years, Hanshini has worked in various places in Mauritius and the UAE, including clinics, special needs schools, rehabilitation centers, and community settings. Hanshini has multiple years of experience in the field of occupational therapy, having served as a leading therapist in multiple settings. She has attained consistent growth and stability in the profession and possesses a passion for improving the quality of care in a skilled rehabilitation facility. She focusses on providing high quality care, as well as evidence-based care during the treatment. Her clinical background primarily involves working with children as she served as an occupational therapist in both clinical and community facilities while treating a vast range of conditions predominantly being autism, CP, developmental delays, motor difficulties, epilepsy, dyslexia, learning difficulties, dyspraxia, handwriting difficulties, sensory processing difficulties, visual motor delays, visual perceptual difficulties, and ADD/ADHD. Hanshini has extensive experience in assessing functional performance and the impact of sensory integration, as well as motor coordination difficulties in everyday activities. Using a collaborative approach, she develops individualized intervention plans that focus on increasing the individual’s independence and provides recommendations as to how the individual will be best supported in different environments at home, at school, in the community, etc. She also conducts therapy in English and French.

Awards & Achievements

  • Certified Sensory Integration Practitioner
  • Tomatis Level 1 Practitioner
  • DIR Floortime
  • Theory of Neurodevelopmental Supportive Care (Preterm Infant)
  • Certification in Primitive Reflex Integration

Research & Publications

  • A study to investigate the effects of using cooking activities in a group of elderly people suffering from depression in a residential care facility [unpublished thesis– University of Mauritius]

Education & Training

  • M.Sc. Sensory Integration
  • PGCert Sensory Integration, Ulster University (UK)
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Occupational Therapy (accredited by WFOT), University of Mauritius
  • Tomatis® Practitioner (Level 1) – Tomatis®


  • DOH – Occupational Therapist
  • Gold membership – Sensory Integration Network (UK)
  • Member of the Occupational Therapists’ Association (Mauritius)