The Radiology Department at Burjeel Specialty Hospital, Sharjah, provides a full spectrum of imaging, from routine medical X-ray, ultrasound, and digital fluoroscopy, to advanced musculoskeletal, cardiac and vascular, breast ultrasonography, and CT scanning. Our technologists and radiologists have years of experience, allowing us to produce accurate results in a timely fashion. The department of Radiology has the technology and expertise to help physicians diagnose and treat an array of medical conditions. As part of a health care team, our Radiologists provide services to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases including, cancer, cardiovascular disease, structural anomalies, neurological conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, and trauma in a high-tech environment designed for safety, efficiency, and comfort for both patients and staff.

General Radiography – for Whole Body X-Rays

  • Digital Multipurpose X-Ray Machine
  • Portable Digital X-Ray Machine


  • Sialography
  • Intravenous Urography
  • Hysterosalpingography
  • Micturating Cysto-Urethrography
  • Retrograde Urethrography


  • Abdomen and Pelvis
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Small Parts – Neck and Thyroid, Scrotum, Ocular Ultrasound
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Vascular Ultrasound
  • Venous Doppler
  • Carotid Doppler
  • Abdominal Vasculature Including Renal Doppler

CT Scan- 128 Slice CT Scanner

  • Chest and Abdominal CT
  • Head and Neck Including Brain
  • Whole Spine
  • Musculoskeletal CT with 3D and Volume Rendering Images
  • Angiography of Whole Body Including Coronary Arteries, Pulmonary Angiography, Upper and Lower Limbs, Carotids and Brain Arteries, Aorta and its Branches Including Renal Arteries

MRI – 1.5 T MRI System

  • Brain Including Stroke Protocol
  • Whole Spine
  • Head and Neck
  • Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvis
  • Musculoskeletal Including All Joints
  • Breast MRI
  • Angiographies with and without Intravenous Contrast