Mahmut Elmuhammed

Dr. Mahmut Elmuhammed Specialist Neurosurgery

Years of Experience : 22

Nationality : Turkey

Languages Known : Arabic, English, Turkish

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Dr. Mahmut Elmuhammed is a Specialist in Neurosurgery at Burjeel Specialty Hospital, Sharjah, with 22 years of experience. Previously Dr. Mahmut served as a Specialist Neurosurgery at Avicenna Hospital, Istanbul, Al Shifaa Hospital in Homs, and Kalamoon university hospital in Damascus He completed his Master’s degree From Damascus University, Syria specializing in Diagnosis and management of different Neurosurgical Diseases. His areas of expertise include,

  • Surgical operations in both emergency and elective cases: Brain, Spine, skull, Peripheral nerves entrapments, and microscopic discectomy
  • Vertebral column instrumentation by pedicle screws and rods & cervical cages and prostheses
  • Microdiscectomy for far lateral lumber herniated disc
  • Brain surgeries: microscopic surgeries for all kinds of brain, spinal canal tumors, and other pathologies
  • Endoscopic trans-nasal pituitary adenoma surgery in cooperation with endoscopic ENT Specialists
  • Pediatrics neurosurgery: treatment of all kinds of congenital anomalies and hydrocephalus by endoscopic surgery and vp shunts

Research & Publications

  • Principles of Neurosurgery book in Arabic

Education & Training

  • Master's Degree in Neurosurgery and Syrian Board of Neurosurgery


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