Alfadel Taha Mohammed Mohammed Taha

Dr. Alfadel Taha Mohammed Mohammed Taha Specialist Pediatrics Emergency

Years of Experience : 16

Nationality : Sudan

Languages Known : English, Arabic



Dr. Alfadel Taha earned a Bachelor’s degree in medical and health sciences (MBBS) from El Neelain University in Sudan in 2006. He completed a Residency in Pediatrics and Child Health in 2019 and was awarded a clinical MD by the Sudan Medical Specialization Board. Dr. Alfadel is registered with the Sudan Medical Council as a Pediatric Specialist and is a Member of the Sudanese Association of Pediatricians. Dr. Alfadel worked as a General Practitioner in various pediatric subspecialty departments, including pediatric nephrology, pediatric endocrinology, and neonatology, at Sudan’s largest tertiary hospital, the Jafar Ibn Oul specialized pediatric hospital. After receiving his MD, he worked as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at a National University and as a Pediatric Specialist at Sudan’s Bashaier University hospital. He has experience working in pediatric and neonatal emergencies. He is proficient in managing various acute and chronic pediatric medical conditions, as well as teaching and evaluating undergraduate medical students. Additionally, he can perform various therapeutic procedures, including gastric lavage, lumbar puncture, catheterization, and basic and advanced airway management. Dr. Alfadel holds Pediatric Basic and Advanced Life Support (BLS and PALS) certifications, Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP), research methodology, and professionalism. Additionally, he has a special interest in pediatric emergency medicine, neonatology, and pediatric endocrinology.