Muhammad Yasin

Dr. Muhammad Yasin General Practitioner

Years of Experience : 10 Years

Nationality : Pakistan

Languages Known : English, Urdu, Hindi



Dr. Muhammad Yasin is Goal-oriented General Practitioner, with 10 years of clinical experience and extensive knowledge of Pediatric Medicine and emergency Medicine. Dr. Muhammad Yasin completed his MBBS in Pakistan, and then obtained the fellowship from College of Physicians and Surgeons , Pakistan in Pediatric Medicine. He also obtained the Diploma of Pediatric Nutrition from Boston University , USA. Moreover he has passed MRCPCH 1 & 2, UK. He aims to demonstrate his capabilities in this field and showcase his skills in the domain. As a part of his training program, he has completed 4 Years residency in Pediatric Department , in a specialized government Tertiary care hospital in Pakistan. During his residency he gained experience in General Pediatric, Pediatric Emergency, NICU, pediatric cardiology, pediatric hematology and oncology , and pediatric dermatology. After gaining experience in different Hospitals in Pakistan, he relocated to UAE in 2021 and worked in different institutes as a General Practitioner. He also worked as a Front Line Fighter in Covid Unit, Field Hospital UAE


  • Expertise Conducting thorough examinations on infants and children to check and record their health and physical development
  • Examining Sick children and reaching and informed diagnosis, treatment and refer the patients to concerned specialties when necessary
  • Dealing pediatric emergencies like status asthmaticus, acute dehydration and shock, status epilepticus, Respiratory distress, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, pediatric arrhythmias and cardiac arrest, acute injuries and burns
  • Vaccinations of pediatric patient according to local guidelines, and parents
  • Education regarding the importance of Vaccination Educate parents regarding children healthy diet and exercise, for proper growth and development