Mohamed Abdelaziz Abdelfattah Aboumostafa

Dr. Mohamed Abdelaziz Abdelfattah Aboumostafa Specialist Critical Care Medicine

Years of Experience : 12

Nationality : Egypt

Languages Known : Arabic, English



Dr. Mohamed Abdelaziz Aboumostafa is a Specialist Critical Care Medicine professional with experience managing critical care cases, including medical, surgical, trauma, neurology, cardiology, post-operative cardiac surgery , and neurosurgery patient. Dr. Aboumostafa obtained his MBBCH from Menoufiya university, 2007 & subsequently started his residency program in Critical care medicine one of the biggest tertiary hospitals in Egypt from 2011 to 2016. He later obtained his master’s degree in general intensive care medicine & was assigned to join Egyptian fellowship of Critical care medicine for 3 years until he complete his training. Dr. Aboumostafa has extensive experience in all  critical care medicine, He has worked in the hospitals in Egypt as Critical care specialist which were also JCI Accredited. His areas of expertise include,

  • Airway management & Endotracheal intubation
  • ICU follow-ups and review of mechanically ventilated patients.
  • Routine ICU procedures include central venous catheters, arterial lines, dialysis vascular access catheters anatomical and U/S Guided.