Nada Ali

Dr. Nada Ali General practitioner

Years of Experience : 5

Nationality : Sudan

Languages Known : Arabic,English



Dr. Nada Ali has graduated from Sudan in 2015 & has been working in the department of Pediatrics in different aspects. She had been working in Sudan until 2020 before moving to pursue her career in the UAE. Dr. Nada specialises in airway technique, cardio procedures, Gastro procedures. She has additionally is fully proficient in providing Basic life support & Advanced Life Support with complete certification in the program.

Awards & Achievements

  • MRCPCH 1&2 – UK. September 2021.
  • Higher paediatric diploma – Ireland. November 2022.

Research & Publications

  • Causes of morbidity and mortality under 5 years of age in port Sudan. (Port Sudan, Time: 2014).
  • Consequences of Ascites tapping in hospital and period of 1 month after patient discharge.


  • Airway and Hemodynamic Techniques: Nasopharyngeal airway insertion Oro pharyngeal airway insertion Hemodynamic Techniques Intraosseous insertion Peripheral venous access
  • Cardiac & Thoracic procedures: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Close cardiac massage Needle thoracotomy Tube Thoracotomy
  • Diag: Nasogastric/oral gastric tube Arterial blood gas
  • Other Technique: Foley catheters Gastric lavage


  • Membership of royal college of paediatric and child health