Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Specialists at Burjeel Medical Centre, Al Zeina, provide advanced treatments and general orthopedic care for various orthopedic conditions ranging from hip and knee replacements to total joint replacements and pain management and physical therapy. Our expert Orthopedic Surgeons use cutting-edge technologies, procedures, and treatment devices to assist thousands of athletes in safely returning to their sports at a world-class level, as well as thousands of patients in achieving a higher level of health through improved physical function. Our patient-centered approach ensures that you receive the best care possible throughout your treatment - from pre- to post-operative care to long-term rehabilitation. Our Western Board-certified Orthopedic Surgeons and multidisciplinary team of physicians, therapists, and nurses diagnose and treat all musculoskeletal disorders using the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques for conditions such as cervical spondylosis and lumbar spine degenerative disc disease, herniated/bulging/degenerative discs, scoliosis treatment, spinal stenosis treatment (spinal canal narrowing) and spinal fractures.

Treatment of Knee Disorders

Total Knee Replacement

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Knee Arthroscopy-Ligament Reconstruction

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Limb Trauma Surgery

Sports Injury Clinic

Foot and Ankle Disorders

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Adult and Pediatric Spinal Surgery

Children’s Spinal Deformity and Injury

Scoliosis Surgery