The Department of Pediatrics at Burjeel Medical Centre, Al Zeina, is dedicated to providing the best pediatric care to your child. Our objective is to establish a lifelong partnership with our community's children, adolescents, and young adults by offering them the highest quality medical care possible. Our pediatric specialists and multidisciplinary team of specialists leverage advanced technology and world-class clinical expertise, as well as the latest research, to deliver state-of-the-art care that delights our younger patients and their families.

Screening and Early Detection of Congenital Disorders in Children

Management of Eating Disorders in Children With Focus on Underweight Cases

Asthma and Skin Allergies

Treatment of Common and Seasonal Infections in Children

Growth Monitoring

Management of Pediatric Neurological and Urinary Tract Illnesses

Child and Adolescent Guidance and Counselling Clinic

IQ Testing and Other Screening Tests

Gastric Wash for Accidental Poisoning

In-Patient Facilities for Pediatric Emergencies

Well Baby Clinic

Immunization/Vaccination per WHO Guidelines