Mohanad Salem Al Zahr

Dr. Mohanad Salem Al Zahr Specialist Pediatric Dentistry

Years of Experience : 8

Nationality : Syria

Languages Known : Arabic, English

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Dr. Mohanad Salem Al Zahr completed his Bachelor of Oral and Dental Surgery from Ain Shams University, Egypt in 2011 and then achieved his Master’s Degree in Dental Pediatric and Public Health from the same university in 2017. He has also obtained Fellowship of International Association of Pediatric Dentistry (FIAPD). Dr. Mohanad has more than 8 years of experience from various medical organizations in Egypt and UAE. Dr. Mohanad’s areas of expertise include but are not limited to Basic & Advanced Pediatric Dentistry, Esthetic and Cosmetic Prosthesis in Pediatric Dentistry, and Interceptive Orthodontics. His treatment specialties are full mouth rehabilitation under General Anesthesia, Pulpotomy/ Pulpectomy with Stainless Steel Crown, Anterior/Posterior Composite/ Glass Lonomer Restoration, Fiber Post Placement and esthetic Zirconia Crowns, Space maintainer, Apexogenesis and Apexification, Flouride varnish and pit fissure sealant.