The Department of Orthopedics at Burjeel Medical Centre, Al Shamkha, is equipped to treat a wide variety of orthopedic conditions. Our patients benefit from cutting-edge technology and highly skilled Orthopedic specialists who specialize in treating complex musculoskeletal conditions such as hip and knee replacement, foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine, vertebral dislocation, back or neck pain, and peripheral nerve injury. From sports medicine to joint reconstruction and spinal disorders, our team of specialists provides exceptional, hands-on care to patients of all ages to keep them active, mobile, and healthy in all aspects of life.

Management of Fractures

Management of Sports Injuries

Management of Pediatric Trauma and Fractures

Management of Osteoarthritis of Knee including Intra-Articular Injections, Rehabilitation

Management of Shoulder Injuries

Management of Knee and Ankle Injuries

Management of Spinal Disc Prolapse and Rehabilitation