The Department of Physiotherapy at Burjeel Medical Centre, Al Shamkha, is equipped to treat various injuries and disorders in a warm and welcoming environment by educated and informed Physiotherapists. The multidisciplinary team of Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists, and support staff offering modern treatment approaches in multiple specialities, including orthopedics, neurology, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, adult rehabilitation, geriatrics, children, and adults with disabilities.

Degenerative Disorders including Osteoarthritis

Post-Surgical Outpatient Rehabilitation including ACL Reconstruction, Total Knee/Hip Arthroplasty

Sports Injuries

Upper and Lower Limb Injuries

Sprains and Strains

Repetitive Strain Injuries and Other Work-Related Disorders

Electrotherapy and Taping

Pain Relief


Low-Frequency Electrical Stimulation

Interferential Current

Resistance Exercise Training

Mobility Training

Muscle Re-Education

Manual Therapy


Exercise Therapy

Fitness Education and Advice

Lower Limb Specific Rehabilitation with State-of-the-Art Gym