Our Burejeel Medical Centre, Al Shamkha, provides comprehensive ENT services for both adults and children with a focus on excellence in patient care, including routine care of ears, nose, and throat; head and neck surgery including cranial-facial reconstructive surgery; evaluation, treatment, and management of snoring; nasal and sinus disorders including nasal polyps; sleep apnea and sleep medicine. We believe in practising state-of-the-art medicine by providing personalized treatment plans and ensuring our patients feel secure and comfortable. We take pride in treating each patient personally, with skilled clinicians available to listen, explain, guide, and educate.

Removal of Foreign Body from Ear

Removal of Subcutaneous Foreign Body

Removal of Nasal Foreign Body

Endoscopic Examination of the Ear

Microscopical Examination of the Ear

Laryngeal Diagnostic Endoscopy


Removal of Wax from Ear

Nasal Endoscopy

Indirect Laryngoscopy

Removal of Foreign Body from Pharynx

Skin Biopsy

Wound Repair

Ear Piercing

Treatment of Nasal Bleeding