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    Looking for a Weight Loss Option That’s Quick, Easy, & Effective?

    It is the only gastric balloon that does not require endoscopy, surgery, or anesthesia for placement or removal.

    It’s non-invasive, which means you can continue your day as normal after it’s been placed. Plus, it’s designed to be removed when you’re ready—no more needing to visit a doctor every time!

    How Does it Work?

    The gastric balloon that a doctor inserts into your stomach using a small capsule. Once inside your stomach, the balloon expands to fill up space and help you feel full faster, so you don’t consume as many calories.

    It is perfect for people who are struggling to lose weight but aren’t ready to undergo surgery or endoscopy, who need to lose weight before surgery or another medical procedure, or who want help losing weight in general.

    Don’t Wait Any Longer, Get that Weight off Now!

    This new non-surgical procedure is helping people achieve their weight loss goals in just 15 minutes!

    Meet Our Experts

    Prof. Dr. Basil Ammori
    Laparoscopic, Bariatric, General, Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary Surgery
    Dr. Fuad Ahmed
    General Surgeon
    Dr. Toufic Ata
    Laparoscopic Bariatric & General Surgery

    Discover the New Future of a Slimmer You

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