Get your COVID-19 jab now

Some private hospitals in Dubai that have got the approval for COVID-19 vaccination have commenced this community service free-of-cost. Residents can call these hospitals to find out about the process to pre-register for an appointment. The actual process from verification, to checking of vital parameters, signing of a consent form, then the actual jab and 20 minutes of rest post the vaccination does not take more than 30-40 minutes of your time.

All UAE residents are being requested to be pro-active in registering themselves and taking the vaccination . Gulf News took rounds of the Medeor and Burjeel Hospitals in Dubai that have started the vaccination campaign for residents.

Residents who come to the hospital after a pre-registration process over the phone are verified on site with their relevant Emirates ID.

Once registration is verified, those who have come at the appointed hour have a brief wait at the reception.

After vital parameters are checked to ensure that blood pressure is normal, the subject has to sign a consent form permitting the technician to administer the vaccine.

Sinopharm vaccine, stored appropriately in cool temperatures as recommended before use is taken out of the fridge to be administered by the nurse.

The actual vaccination process is just under 5 minutes where the injection is administered on the muscle of the upper arm. Several residents smile and show victory sign, relieved to get their first dose. Those who receive the jab spend about 20 minutes post-vaccination in the waiting area for routine observation.

Residents get a card with a second dose stamp, indicating the date for the administering of the second dose, which is within 21 days of receiving the first dose.

The UAE has administered more than 4 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines. Crossing the four million does mark comes as result of the efforts made at the country level to contain the pandemic, the Ministry of Health and Prevention announced.

Have to sign a consent form after their registration is checked against their Emirates ID that they present.

“Crossing the four million mark adds to the UAE’s track record and comes as part of the country’s keenness to provide vaccines to all members of the society,” said Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad bin Nasser Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention.

He attributed the achievement to the determination and diligent efforts made by the nation’s medical teams under the directives and constant support of the country’s wise leadership.

Authorities have been quick to point out that being vaccinated doesn’t mean that you cannot catch or spread infection. They’ve therefore stressed over and over again that people need to maintain precautionary measures set before them, which includes wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance from others.