Our western board-certified expert surgeons at Burjeel Royal Hospital, Al Ain, are renowned for their advanced surgical skills and expertise. They perform highly specialized minimally invasive and laparoscopic procedures to treat a full range of orthopedic, gastrointestinal, hernia, urologic, cancer, and gynecological surgeries using the latest technologies in a caring and safe environment.

Acute Pain

Minor Traumas


Postoperative Complications

Acute Bleeding, Including Gastrointestinal

Gastro-Intestinal Tract: Upper and Lower

Head and Neck: Endocrine and Salivary Glands

Skin and Sub Cutaneous Tissues


Hepatopancreatic Biliary Tumors

Venous Diseases

Abdominal Wall Defects and Hernias – Congenital and Acquired


Surgical Interventions of the Diseases of the GI Tract, Trauma (Excluding Bone and Nervous System)