The Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) Department at Burjeel Royal Hospital, Al Ain, comprises a diverse multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who provide quality care to women's health. Our mission is to effectively diagnose and treat all diseases related to women's reproductive health from adolescence through menopause, including prevention, education, advocacy, support, and gynecological surgical care. The Obstetricians and Gynecologists in this department offer comprehensive reproductive health care services, including prenatal care, abortion, infertility treatments, endometriosis treatment, tubal ligation reversal, and vasectomy reversal. We offer complete obstetrical care with 24-hour labor and delivery service. Our physicians, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses are dedicated to providing the best care possible to women in the community.

Normal Vaginal Deliveries

Cesarean Section (Elective / Emergency)

Other OB/Gyne Related Surgical and Medical Cases

Post Partum Care

Newborn Care

Vital Signs Monitoring

Blood Glucose Monitoring


Oxygen Therapy – By Mask Or Nasal Cannula

Nebulizer & Steam Inhalation

Wound Management / Surgical Dressing

Intravenous Therapy and IV Cannulation

Blood Extraction (Adults and Newborns)

Foley Catheter Insertion

Blood Transfusion

Breastfeeding Support

Surgical Drainage Care


Newborn Vaccination

Newborn Screening (Metabolic Screening, Cardiac Screening, Hearing Test)

Resuscitation in Case of Cardiac or Respiratory Arrest