Kamal Idris

Dr. Kamal Idris Consultant - Critical Care

Years of Experience : 25

Nationality : Sudan

Languages Known : Arabic, English



Dr. Kamal Idris has been a versatile, dynamic physician and a full-time critical consultant in UAE for the last 25 years. He possesses administrative and clinical capabilities and is reflected by a wide experience in critically ill patient care, procedural skills, evidence-based medical practice, good interpersonal communications skills, and MDT leadership. Dr. Kamal was a front-line physician during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading a team of critical care medicine in a very busy ICU that reached 92 ICU patients in one day, among them 14 acute kidney disease patients requiring hemofiltration in one day, resulting in one of the highest survival rates of COVID-19 patients in UAE.  Dr. Kamal previously trained and worked in Sudan, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. He firmly believes in the importance of teamwork in the medical profession for better quality care and the best outcome. He can handle work pressure and tact in dealing with others. His areas of expertise include,

  • Critically ill patients’ care and procedural skills
  • Critically ill surgical patients
  • Critically ill patients with communicable diseases
  • Critically ill obstetrics patients