Ziad Mohamad Albaha

Dr. Ziad Mohamad Albaha Consultant Urology

Years of Experience : 18

Nationality : Syria

Languages Known : English, Arabic

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Dr. Ziad got his Medical Diploma (M.D) from Damascus University – Syria in 2006. Thereafter, he completed the academic residency program in urology at Damascus University Hospitals (Almoussat, Alassad Albayrouni and paediatric hospital) and earned the certificate of Higher Specialisation, and Master degree in urology from Damascus University in 2012. Dr. Ziad has been Arab board certified in urology since 2012. Before joining Burjeel Royal Hospital, Dr. Ziad worked in NMC Royal Hospital Abu Dhabi ,UAE , previously he worked in other Hospitals located in UAE and GCC region. Dr. Ziad has experience in treating various urological diseases in all age groups including adult pediatric cases. Dr Ziad attended deepened his surgical expertise in prominent medical centers in France, Italy and Greece in various urological fields, focusing in minimally invasive surgeries. Dr. Ziad is interested in research and has published research in prestigious medical journals.


  • Urinary tract stones: Endoscopic treatment for urinary tract stones including flexible ureteroscopy with laser treatment of stones
  • PCNL (keyhole surgery of kidneys stones)
  • Non-surgical and surgical treatment of prostate diseases including laser ablation and vapor treatment of prostate (rezum®)
  • Pediatric urology: including hypospadias and undescended testis
  • Reflux and urogenital anomalies correction
  • Non-surgical and surgical treatment of urethra strictures and disease
  • Evaluation and treatment of urogenital cancers: open surgery
  • Laparoscopy surgery
  • Medical and surgical treatment of urine incontinence and urological conditions in women
  • Neurological diseases of urinary tract: functional studies including urodynamic study, medical and surgical treatment
  • Male sexual dysfunction: medical, non-medical, and surgical treatment including penile prosthesis surgery
  • Treatment of male genital condition: hydrocelectomy, microscopic varicocele surgery, circumcision
  • Evaluation and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases