Haloum Eltahir

Dr. Haloum Eltahir Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Years of Experience : 21

Nationality : Sudan

Languages Known : Arabic, English

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Dr. Haloum Eltahir is a Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology at Burjeel Farha Hospital, Al Ain. She has 21 years of experience. After compelting her MBBS, she underwent training in Sudan in obstetrics and gynecology and worked in Sudan for 11 years and later for 10 yers in UAE. She worked at multiple hospitals in Dubai and Al Ain including the Tawam Hospital. As an expert in obstetrics and gynecology, her expertise includes management of all high-risk pregnancies, management of different problems of pregnancy, medical problems with pregnancy, norma and abnormal vaginal delivery, cesarean delivery and postpartum problems. Her other areas of expertise includes,  

  • Early pregnancy complications and recurrent miscarriage 
  • Diagnosis and management of gynecological conditions in adolescent, childbearing and menopausal age groups 
  • Contraception management including IUD, mirena and implants insertion and removal 
  • Female infertility workup and treatment 
  • conducting different gynecological operations including pelvic floor repair, hysterectomy, hysterscopy, myomectomy and labioplasty