The Department of Gastroenterology at Burjeel Farha, Al Ain, provides high-quality care for patients with digestive tract diseases, pancreas, and liver. Our team of highly-qualified, board-certified Gastroenterologists is dedicated to providing you with leading-edge diagnostic tools and treatments, including minimally invasive surgery, to provide the best possible care for a wide range of gastrointestinal diseases.

Diagnosis and Management of Digestive and Liver Diseases 

Upper and Lower GI Endoscopy (Diagnostic and Therapeutic) 

Enteroscopy (Endoscopy of the Small Intestines) 

ERCP (Diagnostic and Therapeutic, including Sphincterotomy/Stone Extractions and Stenting) 

Screening Colonoscopy for Early Detection of Polyps and Colon Cancer 
Liver Biopsy 

OPD Consultations for Gastro-Intestinal and Hepato-Biliary Disorders pH / Impedance Measurement for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Upper GI and Lower GI Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy 

Dietary Consultation and Support in Conjunction with the Dietetics Department 

Specialized Diagnostic Services like ERCP and Capsule Endoscopy