The Department of Neuroscience at Burjeel Farha, Al Ain, is equipped with cutting-edge technology and board-certified and fellowship-trained neurosurgeons to diagnose and treat various diseases, conditions, and injuries of the brain, spine, and peripheral nervous system, including traumatic brain injuries, neurological disorders, degenerative diseases, and other conditions.

Acute Stroke Management 

Neurophysiology Diagnostic Service 

Epilepsy Management 

Management of Headache and Migraine 

Sleep Disorder Management Center 

Acute Endovascular Interventional Service 

Neurosurgical Pain Management Clinic providing Infiltration Therapy as Outpatient with Ultrasound Guidance as Needed 

Surgical Treatment of Headache, Migraine, Facial Pain, Chronic Spinal Pain, Pelvic Pain using Infiltrations / Ablations and Operative Techniques 

Surgical Management of Benign Tumors and Adult Hydrocephalus using VP Shunt 

Surgical Management of Peripheral Nerve Entrapment, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Ulnar Neuropathy 

Surgical Management of Spinal Disorders including Disc Disease, Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, Myelopathy, Tumor, Trauma, and Infections both Open and Minimally Invasive Routes