The Department of Dietetics and Nutrition at Burjeel Farha, Al Ain, provides services for inpatients and outpatients, including nutrition assessment and medical nutrition therapy, clinical nutrition support, and education. Our expert Nutritionists and Dieticians offer nutritional counseling and meal planning for patients with a wide range of conditions, including weight management, diabetes management, cardiovascular disease prevention and management, eating disorders, and gastrointestinal conditions. Our registered Dietitians work closely with physicians and nurses to tailor each plan to the individual patient's needs. They provide education on proper nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum care and nutritional counseling for cancer or severe malnutrition patients. Our dietitians are committed to providing personal assistance to help patients, and their families learn how to make appropriate food choices, promote healthy eating, achieve weight management, and prevent chronic disease.

Obesity or Weight Loss

Diabetes Mellitus 

Kidney Problems

Deficiencies in Vitamins and Minerals 

Allergies of Foods 

Cardiovascular Disorders 

Problems with the Liver

Gastrointestinal Problems

Lactation and Pregnancy 

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