The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Burjeel Day Surgery Center, Abu Dhabi, is dedicated to helping you overcome complex musculoskeletal problems by improving your mobility and restoring physical function. Our department provides a comprehensive service to patients with a wide range of problems. This includes musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, and complex neurological rehabilitation. We aim to provide tailored care to all individuals within a friendly environment.

Physiotherapy Assessment 

Retraining Activities of Daily Living 

Upper and Lower Extremity Kinetic Activities 

Manual Therapy and Soft Tissue Mobilization Technique 

Massage Edema and Musculoskeletal Pain  

Gross and Fine Motor Skills Training 

Postural and Ergonometric Assessment  

Exercises and Strength Training 

Women’s Health Physiotherapy – Antenatal and Postnatal Therapy 

Group Classes and Educational Sessions 

Instruction in Work/Home Simplification Techniques 

Return to Fitness and Sports  

Restore and Preserve Joint Range of Movement 

Evaluate Muscle Hypertonicity and Hypotonicity 

Neurological and Orthopedic Cases for Kids and Adults 

Electrical Stimulation and Therapeutic Ultrasound 

Dry Needling Technique 

Teccar and Laser Therapy 

Traction and Robotic Technology 

Vascular and Oncology Rehabilitation