Shanneil Togle

Mr. Shanneil Togle Physiotherapist

Years of Experience : 5

Nationality : Philippines

Languages Known : English, Tagalog



Mr. Shanneil Togle is a DOH Licensed Physiotherapist with a specialized focus on Neurologic Rehabilitation. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy at Riverside College Inc. His specialization include Adult/Pediatric Neurologic Rehabilitation and Pain Management. Mr. Togle is also a practitioner of IASTM, (Dry) Vacuum Cupping & Kinesio/Rigid Taping. He utilizes top tier assessment tools such as FMT, NIHSS, S-TREAM and Berg Balance Scale. One of Mr. Togle’s unique strengths lies in his application of the Motor Relearning Program (MRP). This innovative technique involves converting daily functional movements into specific exercises, empowering patients to relearn essential motor skills and regain independence.