Erik Hohmann

Dr. Erik Hohmann Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon - Specialized in Sports Medicine

Years of Experience : 22

Nationality : Australia, Germany

Languages Known : German, English

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Professor. Dr. Erik Hohmann is a German Board-Certified in Orthopedic Trauma Surgery and Sports Medicine. He is also a South African-educated and trained Consultant Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon. He completed a Fellowship in Orthopedic Sports Medicine with Prof. Andreas Imhoff in Munich, Germany. He holds a Ph.D. in Orthopedic Sports Medicine and a higher academic Medical Doctorate in Orthopedic Sports Medicine Biomechanics. He is Board-Certified in Orthopedics, Trauma Surgery, and Sports Medicine and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow (FRCS, FRCS Tr and Orthopedics). Dr. Erik previously worked as a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Queensland in Australia, as well as a Consultant Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon at Rockhampton Hospital, where he specialized in arthroscopic surgery, sports medicine, and complex knee and shoulder reconstructions. He is currently a Professor at the University of Pretoria’s School of Medicine in South Africa. He also serves as an Editor of the Journal of Arthroscopy and Related Research (Editor in Chief James Lubowitz) for the past seven years, has been an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sports for the past ten years, and has served on the Review Board for the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery (JAOOS). He has published over 200 journal articles, ten book chapters, and five books in the field of orthopedic sports medicine. Over the last 22 years, he has been a team physician for various professional and semi-professional sporting teams and individual athletes. His areas of clinical expertise include,

  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • ACL injury
  • PCL injury
  • Multi-ligament knee injury
  • Cartilage injury
  • Knee replacement
  • Shoulder replacement
  • Sports trauma
  • Sports medicine
  • Orthopedic trauma

Awards & Achievements

  • Young Investigators Award (as Co-author and Researcher) for “Musculoskeletal Adaptations of the Female Athlete During the Menstrual Cycle” from Sports Medicine Australia in 2004.
  • Victorian Sports Award (as Co-author and Researcher) for “Musculoskeletal Adaptations of the Female Athlete During the Menstrual Cycle” from the Victorian Government in 2005.
  • ASICS Best Paper - Clinically Relevant Conditions (as Co-author) for “Estrogen Alters the Mechanical Behavior of the Human Achilles Tendon in Vivo” from the Australian Sports Medicine Federation in 2007.
  • Award for the Best Teacher 2010, Clinical Medical School, University Of Queensland, Australia in 2010.

Research & Publications

  • Bryant AL, Clark R, Bartold S, Murphy A, Bennell K, Hohmann E, Marshall S, Payne P, Crossley K. Effects of estrogen on the mechanical behaviour of the human Achilles tendon in vivo. Journal of Applied Physiology 2008; 105 (4): 1035-1043. Bryant A, Clark RA, Bartold S, Murphy A, Hohmann E, Bennell K, Marshall S, Payne C, Crossley KM. Estrogen alters the mechanical behaviour of the human Achilles tendon in vivo. Footwear Science 2009; 1:48-50.
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