Sherif Ahmed Ban

Dr. Sherif Ahmed Ban Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon (Wrist, Hand, Elbow)

Years of Experience : 20+

Nationality : Egypt

Languages Known : English, Arabic, German

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Dr. Sherif Ahmed Ban is a renowned Orthopedic Surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in his field. He graduated from the prestigious Cairo University, Egypt in 2002 and spent the next 9 years training and teaching at this facility during which he acquired his Masters and Doctorate degree. Following this period, he trained and practiced medicine in different regions of the world including Germany, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and finally settled in UAE since 2014. Dr. Sherif is highly specialized in treating disorders of the upper extremity, especially hand, wrist, and elbow. With his vast experience and international training, he is one of the leading physicians in UAE managing conditions of the upper extremity and performing cutting edge surgeries with more than 5000 specialized surgeries successfully performed. His area of interest is complex wrist surgery, wrist arthroscopy and hand surgery. Wrist arthroscopy is an advanced approach to the wrist where the physician can treat various wrist injuries and pathologies through minimally invasive maneuvers which allows for more precise surgery, accelerated recovery and minimal pain after surgery. He is one of the leading experts in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries around the wrist and is currently attending to many professional athletes in the UAE. Dr Ban is well versed in the practice of hand surgery under local anesthesia, which is a unique approach to surgery for patients as it eliminates the need of using General Anesthetics and allows for faster and smoother patient recovery. Dr. Sherif is highly skilled in Treatment of Complex Trauma and Injuries of the Elbow, Forearm, Wrist and Hand, Wrist and Hand Ligament Injury Repair including Wrist Arthroscopic Surgery, Treatment of Ununited and Malunited Fractures of the Hand and Wrist including Management of Stiff Joints, Treatment of Arthritic Joints of the Hand and Wrist including Small Joint Replacement & Tendon and Nerve Surgery from Elbow to Hand including Carpal Tunnel, Release, Biceps/Triceps Tendon Repair and Flexor/Extensor Tendon Repair of the Hand. Dr. Sherif is a well-known speaker in the MENA region and has numerous landmark talks in the field of hand and wrist surgery.