Raquel Avila

Dr. Raquel Avila Specialist – Dermatology and Cosmetology

Years of Experience : 9+

Nationality : Venezuela

Languages Known : Spanish, English

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Dr. Raquel Avila is a Specialist Dermatologist with a comprehensive background spanning over 30 years in General Practice, including more than 9 years specifically dedicated to the fields of Dermatology & Cosmetology. She achieved her medical degree with Summa Cum Laude honors from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Zulia, Venezuela, in 1994. Continuing her pursuit of medical excellence at the same institution, Dr. Raquel was awarded her Doctorate in Medical Sciences in 2001. Her commitment to advancing her expertise led her to the University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain, where she earned a master’s degree in Advanced Dermatology in 2013. Subsequently, she returned to the University of Zulia to complete her residency in Clinical, Surgical, and Aesthetic Dermatology, further enriching her knowledge by undertaking an advanced course in Aesthetic Medicine during her residency.

An active member of the Ibero-American College of Dermatology (CILAD), Dr. Raquel has made significant contributions as a coordinator and lecturer at numerous congresses. Her scholarly work is widely recognized, with numerous publications in both national and international journals. Notably, her research on “Lipoidoproteinosis or Urbach-Wiethe Disease: Case Presentation and Literature Revision” garnered the International Researchers Award 2020 from IJRULA, India. Moreover, her latest study, “Primary Cutaneous Histoplasmosis after Platelet-Rich Plasma Application in an Immunocompetent Patient,” has been accepted for publication by the American Journal of Case Reports in 2024.

Dr. Raquel is adept in a variety of dermatological treatments, including Facial Harmonization through Botox and Fillers, Collagen Induction with Sculptra, Chemical Peelings, and Laser Treatments. She is proficient in addressing common dermatological conditions like Atopic Dermatitis, Acne, Rosacea, Dark Spots, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Sun Damage, and Skin Cancer. Additionally, she performs minor surgical procedures, including the removal of Sebaceous Cysts, Abscess Drainage, Xanthelasma, Lipomas, Rhinophyma, Nevi, Skin Tags, and other benign skin lesions using laser or electrocautery techniques.

Dr. Raquel Avila’s vast experience and specialized knowledge in Dermatology & Cosmetology, combined with her dedication to her patients’ well-being, make her a distinguished practitioner in her field.