Harishma Ramakrishnan

Dr. Harishma Ramakrishnan General Practitioner Dental

Years of Experience : 16

Nationality : India

Languages Known : English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Arabic

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Dr. Harishma is a General Practitioner in Dental in Al Ain, UAE. She has experience of more than 16 years in Dentistry and has practised in multiple hospitals and centers in India and the Middle East. She specializes in Restorative and endodontic work such as fillings, crowns, bridgework, root canal treatment, post and core endodontic treatment, and anterior aesthetic restorative work using composites. She is also proficient in surgical procedures as well as Prosthetic Dental work. Dr. Harishma has been a part of the research article published in January 2019 on parents’ knowledge, attitude, and observed behaviour regarding their child’s oral health in Guntur City of Andra Pradesh, India. She also holds Membership in the Indian Dental Association, Kerela Dental Council, and the Thalassery IDA. Her areas of expertise include,

  • Veneers
  • Composites
  • Hollywood smile
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Endodontic work
  • Restorative dental treatment
  • Removable complete dentures, partial denture prosthesis