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    Topic: Pharmacological Therapy in Weight Management

    Date: 29/02/2024

    Venue: II Floor Auditorium, Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi | Also Available on Microsoft Teams

    Did your hear about Mounjaro before ? Have you seen any advertisement about weight loss injections or pills ? Is it safe and effective ?

    Pharmacological therapy for weight management is becoming trendy and common in our current days. It is simply defined as a range of treatment , including both injections and oral medications , designed to assist individuals in achieving weight reduction when lifestyle interventions alone are insufficient.Pharmacological therapy works on suppressing the appetite , slowing gastric emptying , increasing fat oxidation or inhibiting fat absorption in the digestive system. While these pharmacological interventions can be beneficial for certain individuals , its important to consider potential side effects and limitations. Regular monitoring , combined with lifestyle ,modifications and guidance from healthcare professionals is essential to ensure safe and effective weight management.

    To learn more join our expert to discuss regrading the available options , their safety and effectiveness.

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