The Department of Internal Medicine at Burjeel MHPC, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi, offers a wide variety of clinical services and expertise, dedicated to providing you and your family with the highest level of care in a collaborative environment. Our board-certified physicians provide leading-edge care in the areas of cardiology, pulmonary medicine, gastroenterology, endocrinology and metabolism, infectious diseases, and kidney disease and treat chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart failure. At Burjeel, MHPC, you feel confident that you and your loved ones are in good hands.

Adolescent Medicine

Allergy and Immunology

Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease

Diabetes and Thyroid Disorders

Gastroenterology Disorders

Weight Management

Cancer Screening

Pain Management

Executive and Annual Health Checkup

Surgical Pre-Operative Exams

Chronic Disease Management

Women’s Health Issues

Wellness and Screenings

General Diabetes Care and Management