Bashir Al Srouji

Mr. Bashir Al Srouji Physiotherapist

Years of Experience : 4

Nationality : Syrian

Languages Known : English, Arabic



Mr. Bashir is a highly skilled physical therapist specializing in sports and musculoskeletal system disorders. He graduated in 2020 from the University of Sharjah and then completed his field training at Rashid Hospital, where he managed many patients suffering from fractures post-fixation surgeries. Subsequently, he worked in a high-reputation clinic in Dubai as the physiotherapist for the UAE national rugby team, the Manu Samoa national rugby sevens team, and the Jebel Ali Dragons rugby club in Dubai. His involvement in rugby allowed him to see all kinds of sports injuries, including hand-to-shoulder injuries like dislocations, hand and wrist fractures, and various knee injuries. 

His educational background as a sports physiotherapist, along with a fitness certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), enables him to successfully return athletes to their preferred sport. He is particularly adept at strength and conditioning in the final phase of rehabilitation, providing his patients with sport-specific strength and conditioning programs.

Bashir has a keen interest in managing chronic pain in the spine, holding a certificate in Cognitive Functional Therapy, a physical therapy approach based on psychological information to manage chronic pain, which not only helps reduce pain but also improves the mental and physical well-being of the person affected by pain.

Over the years following his graduation, Bashir has completed several training courses in hand to shoulder rehabilitation from several world-renowned trainers such as Dr. Ian Gatt (Head of Performance Services at the British Boxing Academy, UK). He is particularly passionate about shoulder cases, as is evident from his effectiveness in such cases.

Bashir’s approach relies heavily on research data, ensuring that the treatment and advice he gives to his patients are based on the latest scientific data.