J Barlu

GREAT ORTHODONTIST IN ABU DHABI!! – “Dr Aditi is wonderful and her swift and confident manner to addressing my daughter’s issues made it so much easier for us to go back for her appointments – even if it would mean a long travel from the city. My teenager always come home with a wide grin and a hopeful spirit that all will go well with her treatment which has been going since she is 9 years old. Her consultation with Dr. Aditi was very informative and really explained each process so that my daughter understands how the treatment will go as planned. Not only explaining but also giving honest alternatives that can be done since she is the fourth orthodontist to handle my daughter’s case. My daughter was so overwhelmed as she saw great improvement as her treatment progresses. We are very happy that we chose Dr Aditi over many other orthodontists in Abu Dhabi. Although my daughter has to fly out for university, Dr. Aditi gave her enough advise of what is left to be done to continue her treatment overseas. Even for a short time, so happy that we found an orthodontist we can feel confident that all will be ok and will soon be saying goodbye to her braces. Literally speaking, my daughter’s smile is so much better when she left Abu Dhabi! Thank you, Dr. Aditi – please stay and make other children and teens in Abu Dhabi have that wonderful smile and sense of relief once their braces are removed. My daughter will visit you as soon as she back in town – take care and God bless you always!