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    Why Cervical Cancer Screening is Important

    Cervical cancer affects thousands of women every year, but with early detection, it can be highly treatable. Cervical cancer usually starts with abnormal changes in the cells lining the cervix. Regular screening tests, like Pap smears and HPV testing, can identify these changes and allow for timely intervention before cancer develops.

    Understanding Cervical Cancer

    Cervical cancer is primarily caused by certain strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) – a common sexually transmitted infection. While HPV is very common, most women will clear the infection naturally, but for some, the virus can persist and lead to cervical cancer.

    Risk Factors

    Several factors can increase your risk of developing cervical cancer, including:

    • Lack of regular cervical screenings
    • Infection with high-risk HPV strains
    • Weakened immune system
    • Smoking
    • Early sexual activity
    • Multiple sexual partners

    Signs and Symptoms

    In its early stages, cervical cancer typically doesn’t cause noticeable signs or symptoms. That’s why regular screening is so vital. As the disease progresses, symptoms may include:

    • Abnormal vaginal bleeding, including bleeding between periods, after intercourse, or after menopause
    • Unusual vaginal discharge
    • Pelvic pain or discomfort during intercourse

    The Importance of Regular Screenings

    By getting regular screenings, you can catch any changes in the cervix before they become cancerous. Early detection allows for more treatment options and better chances of a full recovery. Make cervical cancer screening a priority in your healthcare routine, even if you feel healthy and have no symptoms.

    Our Comprehensive Screening Services

    At Burjeel Day Surgery Center, Al Reem Abu Dhabi, we offer a range of advanced cervical cancer screening options performed by experienced medical professionals. Our services include:

    • Pap Smear Test: A simple and effective method to detect early signs of cervical abnormalities.
    • HPV Testing: A test that checks for the presence of high-risk HPV strains, which are a major cause of cervical cancer.
    • Colposcopy: A follow-up procedure that allows for a closer examination of the cervix, helping identify any potential abnormalities.

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